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Anonymous: What kind of a face shape would a Virgo female usually have (ex. diamond, heart, oval and so on)?

longer face, defined, oval I guess

Anonymous: I'm ready to tell my scorpio that I love him. If he's not ready will he say so or say it back to keep me happy? Im really nervous....

Scorpios can be ify with love :/ but if he says he loves you he means it a scorpio loves forever

zayvionrt: How do you figure out your moon an ascendant signs I'm a libra born on October 1st
is the best site I’ve used for that kinda stuff.

Anonymous: How do you know when an Aquarius woman like you

they will tease you (not to mean though), they might kiss your ass a little to, they will start looking nicer to impress you and also may play a little hard to get.

Anonymous: What are some of a Gemini's flaws?

argumentative, shy, bossy

im0nfir3: Are aquarius women natural flirts? It seems even when I'm just casually talking I end up sounding like I'm trying to flirt >.<

Yeah, the Aquarius’s I know can tend to be on the flirty side

Anonymous: Which zodiac signs tend to be the best and worst in bed? (in order if you know)

just answered :)

Q:What signs tend to be the best and worst in bed?

Best to worse signs in bed
(from experience and what I’ve heard)
Scorpio (crazy in bed, can be ruff)
Aries (dominating)
Taurus (really good, not experimental)
Capricorn (does anything you want)
Virgo (shy at first,can become dominate)
Libra (very good, can repeat)
Gemini (experimental)
Leo (will try anything)
Aquarius (very experimental)
Sagittarius (experimental as well)
Cancer (can be too boring)
Pisces (mostly the girls)

Anonymous: Female libra & male Sagittarius

They might occasionally but heads but in the end they could work out great. They would love going places together. “Libra and Sagittarius share a very smooth and comfortable relationship. They have a lot of fun together, and laughter is truly a gift in their relationship. Good conversations are probable when they are together, and shared interests strengthen the bond between them. Both understand their partner’s needs and desires well.
Even though these two have a wonderful relationship but nothing comes without a price. They need to understand each other and compromise at some levels. She is strong enough to love him, but not strong enough to have his frustrations be taken out on her. And at such instance he can be very rude and blunt at his words hurting the soft emotions of lovely Libra woman. Also female crowd around him makes her feel insecure and she can be furious which troubles him. He is quick on picking up her vibes whether she tries to show them or not and with the intense feelings in sensuality, emotional and mental levels, as well as being highly attractive and perceptive to others, there is jealousy that surfaces in Sagittarius man whether it is expected or not. Moreover he also gets bruised by her masculine attitude which surfaces’ time to time giving him lip lashes.”